Who is the Mambo Collective

The Mambo Collective Salsa classes in Sheffield have three core teachers a brief bio for each can be found below.
Please feel free to contact any of them through the Mambo Collective email address found on the contacts page.

Dave Fenton
Along with Donna, Dave is one of the founders of the Mambo Collective classes, starting teaching Salsa with just 3 students in a small church side-room. His teaching style is technical and to the point. With a 15 year background as a qualified Volleyball coach at a National level he has an excellent understanding of body movement, balance and co-ordination and how to coach these qualities.

Sue Howard
Sue has been dancing since mid 2004. Due to her devotion to dancing and many hours practising and perfecting technique She is now a competent dancer On 1 and On2 and is fast becoming more experienced as a teacher both privately and in a group setting. She is very passionate about her dancing and encourages her students to persevere with practice and reach their own potential. Sue brings the feminine touches to the Collective and is very fondly thought of amongst her students. Her friendly down to earth approach quickly puts people at ease thus creating an environment where students can stay focussed but also have fun along the way.

Andy Fiddler
Andy is the latest addition to the Collective. He was a regular attendee of the Mambo Collective classes for 4 years before recently cutting his teeth as an assistant teacher. Of recent times Andy has also moved into teaching his own classes.