Salsa - Level 2




9:00 - 10:00 pm


St Mary's Church


5 waged/3.50 unwaged




Novice & Level 1 material


This class is designed for the student who has completed the Novice and level 1 classes successfully or someone who already has the prerequisite skills.

This class extends the core techniques and also concentrates on double spins. The content of this class is delivered as 2, 12 week syllabuses and class members will be expected to be confident with both syllabuses before progressing.

Class size is normally a maximum 20 people.


The class is taught using the authentic New York style On2 timing.

Class members remain in the class until all the subject material has been covered and are able to dance it confidently.

The syllabus in chunked into topics lasting 2 or 3 weeks and as far as practical each topic is not reliant upon previous work. This allows new members to join the class at almost anytime and not feel overwhelmed.

Video recording of the material at the end of class is actively encouraged!