Salsa - Level 3




7:30 - 9:30 pm


Croft House Settlement


5 waged/3.50 unwaged




Should able to confidently carry out the techniques in the Salsa syllabus for Level 2.


This class is suitable for for dancers wanting to be the best they can be. Attention to detail is paramount and so teacher : student ratio is kept low at a maximum of 2 teachers to 16 students.

This class covers most of the advanced techniques that can be seen on the dance floors around the World. The content of the class is split into 4, 3 month syllabuses with students expected to complete each 3 month block at least once before progressing.

Basic class structure would be:
30 min - Shines/Footwork/etc
30 min - Spin and Turn drills
15 min - Revision of previous week.
45 min - New technique/turn pattern.

Turn patterns taught are compact and challenging focusing on 1 or 2 key elements each class. Shines are taught individually and also in the context of a routine.


The class is taught using the authentic New York style On2 timing.

We expect all members of this class to be regular social dancers.

Video recording of the material at the end of class is actively encouraged!